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What is a Beginner Friendly Wig?

What is a Beginner Friendly Wig?

We get asked a lot what are beginner friendly wigs or do we sell Beginner friendly wigs.

Beginner friendly wigs have a few distinct characteristics:

  • Can be worn glue-less
  • Come with bleached knots
  • A pre-plucked hairline
  • An elastic band
  • A closure rather than a frontal
  • No installation needed

A beginner friendly wig is a wig that can be used by anyone. It is ideal for newbies, moms, working women and for anyone on the go. It is made specially with the idea in mind to not have the hassle of doing anything to the wig. One of the most important thing is the wig can be worn straight out the box.

Not everyone is able to customize a hairline, pluck the knots to perfection or making baby hairs for a realistic looking unit. The wig needs to be very easy to install, hence why there's a wig band to secure it once you put it on. And who has the time to sit and try to figure out how to tint a lace, and worry about once you leave the salon after installation, how you'll be able to reinstall it with ease. A lot right?

And on top of all that, the constant glueing of the wig to your scalp will eventually cause damage to your edges. We women take pride in having full, thick edges. So we will always chose the option where there will be less damage.

The idea behind a beginner friendly wig is it being glue-less. But how will the wig stay on? Thats where the adjustable wig band comes into play. This will have the wig fitting tight and snug.


This means the wig can be worn without any adhesives. You will be able to put the wig on straight out the box with ease.

Bleached knots

The lace of the wig comes with a natural brown color. It may be  too dark for most skin tones. Bleaching the knots lighten the lace color and the knots in the lace will be less visible. What are knots? Knots are the little fine black dots in the lace where the hair meets the lace. Bleaching the knots makes the closure more realistic and scalp like.

The adjustable band is a key factor in it being beginner friendly. This is crucial in securing the wig without using any adhesives. The band holds the wig securely to the head and can be adjusted for a tighter or looser grip.

Plucked hairline

The hairline is so important in having a natural looking wig. Just imagine wearing a wig with the hair just in one straight line across your forehead. Not a pretty sight right? The pre- plucked hairline and parting takes away the work of going to a salon. The hairline on a beginner friendly wig should look as natural and realistic as possible.

Here we have two pictures. The smaller being a closure and the larger is a frontal. A closure is a 4*4 lace covering that is paired with extensions or bundles to complete the hairstyle. The frontal is a bigger lace covering normally measuring 13*4 inches. A frontal will require expert cutting of the lace and need to cut to the hairline for a natural look. However, a closure is smaller and very easy to cut and put on. The frontal however as some advantages. You have the option of parting anywhere in the front and hair and be worn in a low ponytail. But because it requires more work, it is not considered beginner friendly.

The closure wig is very easy to put on. Once the band is adjusted, it will fit perfectly and no other adjustments are needed. No need to worry about going to a salon to have it customized.

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