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What are U Part Wigs

U Part Wigs are wigs with a U shape opening on the wig cap, so you will be able to leave your natural hair out as a covering. These wigs are very realistic and close to a sew in.

How does the wig stay on my head?

U Part wigs comes with wig clips all around the perimeter. These clips can open and close to put on and take off the wig. Some women prefer to sew the U Part wig down to the head for extra security, but it is not required. It is a matter of preference.

To make the transition into Closure or Frontal Wigs, you can start by trying a U- Part wig. However for a protective style, frontals and closures would be best. You can always add a closure to the opening of your U Part. 

 U Part Wigs are made especially for you with your own unique measurements and specifications. Because these are made to order, there are no refunds. We highly recommend that you carefully take your measurements using a tape measure and follow our wig measurement guide. This ensures your wig will fit right and snug. Please make sure you take the measurements twice just to be sure you are right before entering your measurements.

You have the option of providing your own hair or we can provide the hair for you. We supply several different lengths and textures to choose from.