Professional Tips to Make your Wig Look as Natural as possible

Professional Tips to Make your Wig Look as Natural as possible

 Almost every time you watch the television or browse on social media you will most likely see an undectactable, seamless hairstyle that grabs your attention. You might say to yourself, " How the heck do these women have their hair so laid every single time you see them." Well unlike them, we don't have a celebrity hairstylist on call and we most certainly need the secret to this flawless hairdo.

Lets start with Picking the right Wig. It may seem like its not much of a big deal. But guess what it is! Not everyone has the same hairline, face shape or style. You want to pick something that you will be comfortable rocking with confidence. Choose a wig similar to the hairstyle you are currently rocking. Ask yourself these 3 questions?

Do I want versatility? Do I want to leave my natural hair out or Do I want to to have the option to take the wig off when I want?

Lets talk a bit about what wigs give you versatility. Lace Frontal Wigs, 360 Lace Wigs and Full Lace Wigs all give you alot of versatility. You have 13 inches in length of parting space in the front of a Lace frontal wig and a 360 wig. This just means you are able to have a middel part, a right or left side part and can also rock it in an updo style like Half up Half down. Now if you are still scared of taking the plunge of covering your entire head, U-Part Wigs are a great option, You are able to leave your natural hair out to give the illusion of a weave install. This wig comes with combs that securely hold the wig down to your head.Full Lace wigs are even more versatile than 360 and frontal wigs. Along with all the above, you can also rock your hair in a ponytail, and the luxury of having parting space anywhere on the wig.

Measure your Head

This is the number one most important mistake a lot of women make. Not taking their measurements. This ensures that the wig you are ordering has a snug fit. Most wigs now come with combs or bands to help secure it but if the wig is too big, there will be bulges in the back which will most likely show. And if its small, how is it gonna stay down on your head.

Youll need a tape measure, pen and paper. Start by placing the tape measure along your hairline, behind your ears and all the way around the back of the head to meet the other end of the tape. Make sure that the tape can securely move around a bit. This ensures that if you are a few centimters off, youll stick get a snug fit. You also want to messure from the front of you hairline all the way down the middel of your head to the back of your hairline. Next, it wouldnt hurt to also meausre ear to ear. Below is a guide to help you measure your head.

Customize the Wig

If you are not purchasing a custom made wig, you are gonna need to grab some hair bleaching powder and a 20 developer to bleach the knots. This step is crucial in getting a natural scalp like lace. Dont panic! you dont need a pro to get your lace right. The key is getting the consistency of the bleach right. If its too watery it is gonna run on the othe side of the lace to the hair. Make sure the bleach is thick and not drizzlinng. The thickness is key. Use a dye brush and baste the lace with the bleach. Add a hair foil to help speed up the process or just watch it closely. This process takes anywhere between 12-25 mins depending on the lace. I highly recommend using a purple shampoo after the nuetralizing shampoo to eliminate any brassiness from the bleach.

After lace is shampooed and conditioned, place it on a canvas head with t-pins and lets start plucking the hairline.You want to immitate your ntural hairline as best as you can. This will ensure that the wig looks as natural as possible. Be careful when plucking. You want to avoid pulling on the lace this will rip it. Focus the tweezer on pulling the hair strands. Pluck behind the harline and back towards the back of the lace. Keep Checking the hairline to make sure youre not overplucking. Add a foam mouse and let air dry if not in a rush. This helps to prevent frizziness and retains the moisture in the wig.


Braid Down your hair

This is key to getting the wig flat and no limps. the smaller the braids the better if you have thick hair.Some women can skip this step if they have fine textured hair. About 10-12 Braids is ideal for a flat look. I find that braiding the hair going backwards is the best way if you want to be able to switch parts frequently. Connect each braid at the back as you go left or right to keep the back as flat as the front. Remember to add a little hair oil to the scalp.


Add some foundation or concealer 


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