How to Care for your Wigs and Extensions

How to Care for your Wigs and Extensions

Just like your natural hair, it requires attention. Leaving it unwashed for a long period of time will only make it worse. So, on that note, Get to washing! And if for some reason you're too lazy to wash it, we do offer a wig revamp service. See site for more details.

Below, I made a list of guidelines that will ensure your hair stays vibrant and flawless.  These are the steps I personally use to care for my own wigs and extensions.

How To Clean Your Hair

  • Soak for 5 minutes in a solution of cold water and a capful of shampoo. Rinse. Apply sulphate free conditioner (Silicon mix, or Silicon Bambu).

  • Swirl gently without rubbing or wringing. Brush from ends to roots to remove any tangles if any. I recommend brushing your units upside down.

  • Rinse thoroughly in cool water and turn right side out again.

While Your Wig Is Still Wet

  • Do not rub, wring, twist, or comb.

  • Place on wig stand (available online for purchase) or you can use our new and improved (wig hangers) for longer wigs. (Avoid using a Styrofoam styling head or canva heads when wig is wet, as the cap may stretch).

  • Allow to air dry at room temperature.

  • Remember, never use a blow dryer to dry a wig!

Brush, comb, pick or finger-style into your desired look. For curly styles, finger-style it or use a wide tooth comb.

When brushing a human hair style, start at the ends and gently work your way to the roots. ALWAYS use a heat protectant oil or spray when applying heat.

Do not use oil based products everyday. This will leave your hair dry overtime.





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