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Deep Wave Bundles
Deep Wave Bundles

Deep Wave Bundles


This has a wavy curl pattern that most women find suitable for warm/hot weather. This hair stays luxurious when wet, and can also be straightened for a natural kinky look.

This deal consists of 3 bundles combined for a better deal. We provide 3 different types - Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair.

For a natural soft texture, Peruvian hair is best. It has a very soft and silky look compared to the other 2.

For a thicker more coarse texture, Malaysian hair is best. It blends perfectly with thicker hair textures and has a very natural look.

Brazilian hair is the most popular of the 3. It is not as silky as the Peruvian and not as coarse as Malaysian. It is right in the middle. Brazilian hair will also blend seamlessly with most hair textures.

The bundles have a healthy natural shine and curls are soft and bouncy. The ends are full and thick with no split ends.

With proper care, these bundles can last up to 18 months. The bundles can be bleached or dyed to desired color. Please consult a professional before coloring your hair to minimize any damages.

Each bundle weighs 100grams.