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Are you transitioning from weaves to wigs? Are you tired of waiting long hours in the salon? Are you always on the go? Do you want a hairstyle with low maintenance, yet still chic and trendy?

If you've answered yes to all these questions, this is the collection for you.

This collection is curated to suit Wig Beginners. These units are carefully selected to just throw on and go.

It is made specially with the idea in mind to not have the hassle of doing anything to the wig. They are fully customized, beginner friendly and require little to no maintenance. One of the most important thing is the wig can be worn straight out the box. 

Beginner Friendly wigs are made with closures rather than frontals. You have a wide variety of textures and styles to choose from.

Need us to make it a little easier for you? WE GOT YOU!

We can cut the lace off the wig for you by request only. Just simply leave a note when you place your order and we'll get right on it.

We highly recommend trying our Wig Grip Band if you prefer to wear it glue-less. This will ensure a tighter fit and will help the lace lay better in the front.